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Lovely Christmas Gift Ideas from Hotel Chocolat for Your Loved Ones!

Christmas chocolates It can sometimes seem as though the Christmas season sneaks up on us from nowhere! Before you know it, the familiar songs are playing everywhere and you realise you only have a few weekends left to do all your shopping for gifts. Then what you need is a foolproof, sure to be well-received, and easy to shop for Christmas gift that’s appropriate for a whole host of loved ones. The solution to this problem may be simpler than you think if you consider the option of chocolate gifts in their many different guises… Everybody likes chocolate in one form or another, and there are a great many ways to make this gift with enduring appeal fresh and personal.

Chocolate is a traditional gift that can easily be incorporated into a very personal Christmas present. Think about the interests of your intended recipient for inspiration. For a male relative who likes a dram of whisky, some whisky-filled or flavoured chocolates could be paired with a bottle of his favourite tipple for an excellent individual gift. Or for a sibling or relative who may at times be a ‘stressed-out mother’, put together a luxury pampering package. Combine milk chocolates or truffles with sparkling wine and other treats. For an indulgent ready-prepared luxury package, see the ‘Sparkling Christmas Basket’ or ‘Christmas Goody Bag’ from Hotel Chocolat - a luxury British cocoa grower and chocolatier. Remember to try and match the chocolate to individual tastes, as some will prefer milk over dark and vice-versa. If you’re buying for one of those very rare individuals who dislike the flavor of chocolate at all, go with white chocolate.

Chocolates When giving chocolate as a gift, there are many types of chocolate to choose from. Truffles are a luxurious choice that is well matched to gift-giving occasions. Another popular choice is boxed chocolates that are often available in festive flavour selections. Seasonal chocolate bars are also a good option for bulk giving or last minute gift list additions. Choose high quality chocolate to mark the special occasion of Christmas celebrations. Hotel Chocolat own a 140 acre estate on the Caribbean island of St Lucia where they produce fine cocoa from carefully selected trees to make the most exquisite chocolate. Hotel Chocolat is the only British firm to own its own cocoa estate, making it one of the world’s select few single-origin chocolatiers.

Presentation can really make a chocolate gift special - wrapping a bar or box with a festive bow can really make a gift shine, or choose chocolate gifts from a chocolatier with spectacular seasonal packaging. If you have children on your list, think about buying novelty chocolate in the shape of Santa, reindeers, snowmen or snowflakes which make the best stocking fillers for kids.

Because nearly everyone loves chocolates they make fantastic Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. Personalisation is an excellent way to dedicate your choice to an individual, as are selections based upon their personal interests. For an extra special Christmas, go for high quality choices to make an impact, and don’t forgot the enthusiasm children have for sweet treats in particular at this time of year.

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