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DIY Festive Christmas Decorations

Let's face it. It's not Christmas without the festive decorations. And they don't have to be all purchased from the store either. There are things you can make and create to make for a fun and beautiful Christmas. Make sure you express yourself and take the time to make your home shine over the holiday season.

The Front Door

Start with your front door. Put out a neat little Christmas mat and make or purchase a wreath to put on it. Sometimes you can use wrapping paper and wrap your entire door in Christmas paper so it looks like a Christmas package. Put a little potpourri on a stand inside the front door so guests get the fragrance of Christmas as soon as they step inside the door. Add a Nativity sets for home.

The Stove

Put a pot of cinnamon and spices in water on to simmer on the stove. It smells delicious and it lasts all day long. Just add extra water when it goes a little dry and don't overcook it.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can be garish or understated and no one will care. Put up lighted figurines and/or string lights in trees or along shrubbery or fencing to make it clear to everyone that yours is a festive house. Change your decorations from year to year for some neighborhood excitement and thrill or have a contest among your neighbors as to who has the best decorations.

The Christmas Tree

The tree is often the focal point of the house. For this reason, special care should be taken to ensure the tree is perfect. Think about buying a new decoration for your child every year. Then, when they leave home, give them all of their decorations to get their new tree started in their own home. Personalize the decorations if you can.

Baked Decorations

Do some baking and bake some gingerbread men with a hole in the head to put a ribbon through. Decorate your tree with homemade gingerbread men (decorated, of course) for that old-fashioned look on your tree. You can also put decorations made up of wrapped candy bundled up in lace and ribbons. You can decorate your tree with them and give them away as gifts when your guests are leaving.

The Home Doors

Put jingle bells on as many doors as possible so that the festive jingle can be heard throughout the house. Hang a long string of reindeer bells on the front door to entertain your guests as they enter your home. Don't forget to put a jingle bell on the dog or cat collar as long as it doesn't annoy the animal.

The Bathroom

Redecorate your bathroom for the holidays. Buy festive holiday soap or a holiday soap dispenser along with holiday-themed tea towels. A holiday candle or potpourri will set the mood completely.

Decorating with Christmas Cards

Use your cards for decoration. Hang Christmas cards from the mantle or shape them into the shape of a wreath or a Christmas tree and decorate some bows or ribbons connecting them. Allow them to hang open so that visitors can see who sent you such lovely cards. Interpose some of them with drawings your children made for Christmas.

Christmas Ligths and Candles

If you have a mantel, consider lighting it with a string of Christmas lights or some lovely candles. String some garland on the mantle. It might be a nice place for Christmas figurines or Christmas cards. It will be a nice gather ing place for the holidays and you'll want your guests to be welcome there.

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