Christmas in the UK
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Unique christmas gifts for your family, friends and the people you love!

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Exceptional Holiday Gift Ideas

The key to finding the exceptional Christmas gift is to pay attention to the tastes and interests of the people you are buying for. It may take a little sleuthing to figure out what everyone is interested in but the results will be worth it.

Gifts for Dog Lovers

For example, if you are buying for a dog lover, buy a book on their favorite breed of dog, some dog toys or dog treats for their dog. A picture of their dog in a frame would add a special touch.

Children Gifts

For children, pay attention to the appropriate age ranges on the toy so you don't buy something too babyish or to difficult for the child. Think about an age appropriate book to give. Books exist for small children and teens alike. Teens like books from a series so you can purchase more than one to interest the teen in the entire series. Activity books can be fun for all ages of kids. Paint by numbers or watercolour kits can be fun for children and adults at the same time.

Gifts for Book Lovers

If you know book lovers, think about purchasing a journal for them to record their thoughts about the books they read or a gift certificate at their favorite book store. Then they can shop to their heart's content and get just about anything they're interested in.

Car and Auto Gifts

Car enthusiasts can get an auto cleaning kit, complete with chrome cleaner that helps them keep their "baby" clean. These are easily available around the holiday time and are often not available at other times of the year.

Pretty Gifts

Pretty gifts like picture frames, candles and potpourri can be given to almost anyone--especially a woman. These are nice gifts to give when you don't know their interests or hobbies or if they don't have any. Picture frames can have pictures of happy times that you've taken or can be empty depending on what you've got available. Potpourri can be made by going to the craft store to buy the various ingredients, including a homey fragrance. Candles can be made by buying wax, containers, wicks and fragrance/color for the candles. Wrap them in a nice ribbon and they make for a lovely gift.

Book Gifts

Think about books that everyone loves such as travel books, cook books or picture books of famous art prints. These are often on sale and readily available during the Christmas months. Enjoy your gift giving; it doesn't have to be a chore and you can easily come up with nice gifts for everyone on your list.

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